You're Welcome.

You're Welcome.

The United Kingdom is holding a democratic referendum on June 23rd, 2016 - popularly known as Brexit - to determine whether it remains in, or leaves the European Union.

It's time to leave. The UK participated in, and contributed enormously, to the historic experiment. The results are in and the experiment failed. 

Unelected bureaucratic mandarins represented wildly divergent interests from the UK's. Elected officials from other European countries represented wildly divergent interests from the UK's. The European experiment denied the British people their fundamental right of democratic participation. It enforced confiscatory taxation on Britons. It literally, not figuratively, initiated a population replacement program of the native British people.

European Union was an enticing, romantic vision. Many, or most of us fell under its heady spell at one time or another. Free trade and free movement of our peoples. Cheap vacations to sunny beaches. Liasons with available, good-looking foreigners in exotic towns and villages. What could possibly go wrong? 

Unfortunately, the native common sense of each country's common people was over-ridden by the base instincts of those cultural and political elites who always find a way to line their own pockets. Those elites never do so without snidely discounting the legitimate fears and concerns of the common people.

A better future for the UK lies ahead. Independence and self-determination will bring political responsibility closer to home and closer to the commons. Local power will enforce political accountability and serve the best interest of the British people.

A representative government is an accountable one. An accountable government is a stronger one. The British will negotiate trade and strategic agreements with every remaining European Union country. None of those countries can afford the luxury of ignoring Britain - the fifth largest economy in the world. Britain will enhance its strategic relations and trade agreements with the Anglosphere - USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand - as well as the fast-growing economies of India with its 125 million English speakers and African nations with 150 million English speakers. Global powers China and Russia will discover a new-found respect for Britain in its independence from the Eurocracy and its strategic solidarity with the Anglosphere. Really, it's all good. Bring it on. It's time.

It's time for the Euro elites and the Eurocrats to thank Britain's people for all they have given in The Great European Experiment. The blood, sweat and tears of our parents and grandparents who gifted Europe its freedom from tyranny - along with our Anglosphere brothers. The untold amounts of treasure Britain gifted Europe from its Exchequer - paid for with the brilliance, hard work and integrity of its industrious people. Britain's ongoing and extraordinary contribution to science and technology. The outstanding, shining example of British political and social civility...Really, it's ok, Europe.

You're welcome.

Dissent Will Not Be Tolerated!

Dissent Will Not Be Tolerated!

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